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Are screws included?
For the switch plates we provide standard black metal screws 6/32" x 1/2".

For the River Rock Knobs we provide 8/32" x 1" screws.

For the Doorbells we include wood screws to match the gold or silver button rim.


What is delivery time?
Each order is custom hand crafted, delivery time is currently 6-8 weeks.  Coasters, cheese boards, wine bottle stoppers, and rock knobs usually ship within a week-depending on the size of the order.  Occasionally we make extra plates that are available on our Etsy store.  It is the actual plate you will receive, ready to ship in 2-3 days.  We also sell custom-made to order plates on the site as well.

What if I am unsure of color?
Color chips are avavilable upon request, at no charge, just email or phone 802-254-7491. We invite digital photos of the colors, textures or materials you are working with so we can make the best possible match.  You can also describe your color scheme in the notes section upon check-out. 

I see your plates are over-sized can I get them standard or to a specific dimension?
You can have them made to any size.  Below are the measurements of our plates:

Single     3 1/2" x 5 1/4"
Double    5 1/4" x 5 1/4"
Triple      7 3/8" x 5 1/4"
Quad      9 1/8" x 5 1/4"

Or we can make them to your specifications
ALL plates are square-can be turned to fit the other way.
The slate is about 3/16 - 1/4" in thickness

I need a plate that I don't see on the web site-can you make it?
We can make ANY configuration just email with measurements, or include a note upon checkout.

Do you seal your plates or use enhancer?
We use a non-toxic, non-VOC stone sealer to enhance color and protect from fingerprints and stains.  If you want to apply your own enhancer, just let us know.  We can leave natural, too!


What do the back of the plates look like?
We route out the back of each plate where the slate may come in contact with screw heads in order to prevent the plate from rocking and so it sits flush on the wall-see below pic:

What are shipping charges and how do you ship?

We ship through USPS-typically Priority Mail, so please be sure you have provided us with the correct address.  Our shipping costs are as follows:

Up to $49.00=$8.00









$2,000.01 up=$125.00

Shopping cart is set up for US and Canada shipping-If ordering outside these areas please email or phone 802-254-7491.  International orders are accepted, however shipping is not charged at the time of purchase.  We will invoice for shipping once the order is complete.

**CANADA:  Our shopping cart limits the amount we can charge for shipping.  If using PayPal and you placed a VERY large order and live in Canada, it is possible you were not charged enough shipping to cover our costs and insurance.  We reserve the right to send an invoice for additional s&h-we will charge only for the actual shipping and insurance on your package(s).**

In keeping with the recycled theme, we re-use items in our shipping.  The packing paper is large rolls of plain newpaper we acquired from our local newspaper that would otherwise be discarded.  Envelopes for the screws are from our "junk mail". 

Are the plates returnable?
Plates are returnable within 15 days, UNLESS they are custom cut to specs.  


I don't like ordering online, can I call in an order?
Sorry, we no longer accept credit cards over the phone.  We do have a secure shopping cart, but if you would like to pay with a check, you can call in your order M-F 9am-5pm at 802-254-7491.  If you don't like using the shopping cart, I can email an invoice you can pay online.  Just call or email!

**Note about colors**
Our Earth and Antique Gray Slate are reclaimed roof slate tiles.  Any marks, lines, or imperfections are purely an effect of the weathering process, and in our eyes, add character and make each piece a one of a kind!