Vermont slate switch plates, slate switchplates, stone switch plates, light switch covers, light switch plate, stone switchplates, stone doorbell plates and river rock knobs.  

Vermont Slate Art Switch Plates
Since 1999


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"I've tried other slate plates and none are better than Vermont Slate Art!!", Susan S., Camp Hill, PA


Since 1999, Vermont Slate Art has salvaged antique slate from the rooftops of century old farmhouses, barns, and churches- then expertly handcrafts the natural stone into breath taking switch plate covers, providing a unique and decorative accent to your home.  The weathering effect on our Earth Slate, our most popular line, produces fascinating color variations and textures on each piece, creating character and originality.  We also craft from NEW slate which provides a rich, beautiful solid color.  If you are looking for the perfect detail piece to set your home apart, look no further than our  CUSTOM-MADE SWITCH PLATES and electrical covers.  We can accommodate any electrical configuration you may have.


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